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pups van zinzi al weer 1,5 week oud, ze groeien heel erg  goed en zinzi is een lieve moeder


vandaag zijn de pups van zusje X fejo vertrokken op 1 na, die blijft, onze “Monte”


Vandaag is Zinzi ( Rosaceae Kentia) bevallen van haar pupjes met Delphi als partner
We hebben 2 reutjes en 3 teefjes, allen zeer goed aan gewicht en actief.

Rose's group of friends come to visit, always nice to cuddle a puppy.



Small children for the first time with the puppies, what a beautiful breed these Leonbergers are, so sweet to children, no matter how small the puppies are.


Already 8 weeks old.


uppy visit with 7 week old puppies, another real cuddle day.

We wish everyone all the best for 2022.

A walk on the ramp..

puppy visit again today, cuddling with puppies is the best thing there is.

Today puppy visit at an appropriate distance with mouth cap, the puppies were outside for the first time but behaved calmly and cheerfully. It was a good experience for them, and the new puppy owners loved the little ones.   

The coop in the living room is getting small for them, they want to get out more and more and explore,
It's time to go outside, they are also 5 weeks old.

Made an ultrasound today of our zinzi ( rosaceae Kentia), she is pregnant, sire of the comio,ng litter  is Delphi ( rosaceeën Hippurus).

More and more awake, and more playing, walking and eating.

2-day CAC/CACIB SHOW in Kassel (DTS).
Everything according to corona rules: showing vaccination books, a test no older than 24 hours, and a lot of ventilation, a lot of ventilation (the winter coat was not yet warm enough in the hall)!
But great results, both days Dante ( rosaceae gymnocladus) became best male, and Phu (rosaceae ribes) became 1st in the intermediate class both days and obtained 2 points for vdh and club sieger.
Brother ( rosaceae oreocereus) became the 1st day 1st in the open class and the 2nd day he was injured so he was not released.
The puppies are already trying to eat themselves, that's fine, but a mess…..!

The puppies of sister and Fejo are already 2 ½ weeks old and are trying to eat themselves. It's a mess but practice makes perfect!

The pups are now 6 days old, they are happy. Zusje is a good mother.

Today the puppies of Susje ( Rosaceae Opuntia) x  Fejo Ager Trifolium   were born, a bit early, but there was no room left because there are 8 females and 6 males. All active and at a good weight. Susje and the puppies are doing well.
we had a puppy reunion in 2 stages, not everyone was there on the first day and we really wanted to see all the puppies again. It was a joy to watch them play and they lasted for a long time. It is a nice litter with nice temperants

special breedshunde ausstellung der Landesgruppe Bayern,
super nice weather, cozy with bert and mieke a weekend in Mühldorf / inn.
A nice show on a beautiful site where you can also camp, and what many did;
the catering was also very well organised, and in the evening we enjoyed a cozy evening around the wood fire with a glass of wine/beer.
Brother ( Rosaceae oreocereus) became best male, received the title Landesgruppesieger,
Phu ( Rosaceae Ribes) became first in the intermediate class, Dante ( Rosaceae Gymnocladus) became 2nd in the champion class and
Wim (Rosaceae Melocactus) owner bert & Mieke became best veteran male ; with his 10 years and 8 months he can really still be there!

Made an ultrasound today, Rosaceae Opuntia is GOOD PREGNANT.

the german club show in Leonberg.
Beautiful weather, dear friends, what more could you want.
The males did well, phu was the youngest in the intermediate class, but was allowed to be,
And the judge thought that Dante was too dark, but this is allowed in the breed standard!
See show results.
THE FENCH  CLUB SHOW  also in Cluny.
No nice weather, but rain !
On tis we also won super results.
Phu ( Rosaceae Ribes) won 1st place in youth class and  Dante ( Rosaceae gymnocladus) was best male of the day.
Nice weather, good friends and excellent results.
Because on this first  IULHWORLD CHAMPIONSHIP  rosaceae dogs earned 2 titles:
IULH WORLD VETRAN WINNER   ROSACEAE ZELKOVA  owner gerard & jose maria itturalde  perez de arenaza   
So it was a real party, ( see show rersults ).

Today Zusje ( rosaceae opuntia) HD  A, eye test, LPN1&2 N/N, LEMP D/N, LPPN3 N/N was mated to Fejo Ager Trifolium HD A, ED 0, LPN 1, LPN 2, LEMP, LPPN3 N/N. owner Ewa Jaras ( Poland).



BELGIAN CLUB MATCH 2021 in Bonheiden .
Beautiful weather, a great opportunity and well organised.
Already drove there the night before, so that we could have a party with friends.
4 dogs, 3 males and 1 bitch. All 4 placed : 3 1st places and 1 3rd place, with the group of 3 males we became 1st.
Broer ( rosaceae oreocereus) also obtained the CAC and his father Dante ( Rosaceae gymnocladus) the reserve CAC.
Rosaceae melocactus became 1st in the veteran class and also BOS. own. bert&mieke elshof

See show results



The swedish leonberg club is celebrating their 40th anniversary this year and had a special show in Gävle with Ann-Christin Sultan as judge.
It was a bit of hard work, just left Spain and then already driving 1600 km to Sweden, but Sweden is such a beautiful country that we don't find that a problem; we have therefore taken the inland route and peacefully walked and slept in the woods.
The show was held on the Engeltofta site, a beautiful building that is being completely renovated.
The set-up of the show is a ring with all the tents of the exhibitors around it, a great idea,
You are doing well, and it is very pleasant.
New for us was the class : owner and dog dressed up; it all looked great and was very funny !
We had 4 dogs:
Rosaceae Gymnocladus (Dante) became 1st in champion class, CAC, Best Male and got the title SWEDISH CHAMPION
Rosaceae Oreocereus ( Brother) became 2nd in the open class (18 participants) RES CAC,
Rosaceae Ribes (Phu) also placed 2nd in the junior class, RES JCAC.
Rosaceae Kentis (Zinzi) got an EX in champion class bitches
We also brought these 4 dogs out in a breeding group (from 4 different litters) and there we got the 2nd place.
It was a super fun and well organized show, thanks to the organization. Also thanks to Jose Maria for the beautiful trophy from Spainfor the best Swedish bitch and winner of the show: Rëmrods Yellow Diamond, Owner Maria Gustafsson.



XXV spanish club match in Errenteria, judge Don Martin Baskaran ( SP).
The best organized club match in europe, thanks for that jose maria, gerard and all the others who are busy all day to please everyone.
It was a great day,
BROER ( Rosaceae Oreocereus) became BOB, got the CAC and also won the trophy for best movement and the trophy for best head.
DANTE ( Rosaceae Gymnocladus) became 1st in the champion class males,
PHU ( Rosaceae Ribes) Became 1st in youth class males and also best youth dog,
SISTER ( Rosacaea Opuntia) became 3rd in the open class females and
ZINZI ( Rosaceae Kentia) also became 3rd in the champion class females.
We also became best breeding group.
JABBY ( Rosaceae Pterostyrax) owner Metha Stramer was 2nd in open class males, and READILY ( Rosaceae Saponaria) owner regine Parisy was 1st in youth class females.


Finally…….. after 18 months of not seeing each other, another Leonberger friends barbecue weekend in our holiday home in Germany.
Enough space for dogs and people, and lovely weather!
It was fantastic again for us and the dogs.





Finally .... it can meet again, without a masque.
Had the reunion of the Rosaceae S-litter today ( rosaceae hymenocallis X hjamu von silverstersee).
10 months old, and already whole dogs. It's great how they play and romp with each other.
A homogeneous litter, with great temperaments.



The puppies are 9 weeks old, have received the second vaccination and will fly out the weekend to their new owner who cannot wait for the puppy to arrive!
Have fun with your puppy, enjoy it it's so big !!

Already 8 weeks old and more and more active, faster and more entrepreneurial.

7 1/2 weeks old and making fun with the ram!
Last weekend thick in the snow and -15 degrees, now thick in the sense and + 15 degrees. How can it be!

Nice walk on the driveway, which is now snow-free.

Another weekend full of visitors for the puppies, they really enjoy it, the more people who want to hug you, the better!

Already 5 weeks old and now outside during the day, more space and toys, but who would have ever expected it to snow so badly this weekend?

Already 4 weeks old, they realy want to play with each other.

They are already 3 weeks old, and already eat meat mixed with replacement breastmilk 4x a day, mothers also regularly come by for the much-needed vitamins and antibodies. Yesterday we slept in our own bed for the first time again and passion in the hallway, so the nights are without mother dog, but with brothers and sister in the large loft in the living room, it is also fine

We have arrived in phase 2, eating a ball of meat (ground beef) yourself, which is not so easy if you only have a slurp technique, but one learns by doing!

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