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Our picture book:

Grandma Rosaceae Silene
with grand children 
Rosaceae Catalpa and
Rosaceae Calendula


Puppies back home

Puppies with foster

Rosaceae Ulex
and Klara

Rosaceae Ulex Europaeus
and Klara

Amore at the age of 4 months

A friend to love Rosaceae
Ulex Europeaus


Rosaceae Chara (Kizzy)
in her bath

Kizzy tired to bed.

Pups 6 weeks old.

102-0239_img.jpg (42940 octets)

Yasmine 2 years

102-0247_img.jpg (58412 octets)
Rosaceeen Carduus
15 months

102-0249_img.jpg (42918 octets)

Rosacedn Carduus
15 months

101-0181_img.jpg (65927 octets)

101-0172_img.jpg (47612 octets)

101-0186_img.jpg (29009 octets)

101-0173_img.jpg (47747 octets)

101-0178_img.jpg (63830 octets)

102-0238_img.jpg (41169 octets)

Yasmine 2 years


Beau _ koffer _ verkleind.jpg (18417 octets)

Beau en Thor samen _ verkleind.jpg (21369 octets)

100-0073_img.jpg (38561 octets)

100-0071_img.jpg (38912 octets)

100-0037_img.jpg (44079 octets)

100-0078_img.jpg (46047 octets)

100-0083_img.jpg (50565 octets)

100-0072_img.jpg (40460 octets)

PUPPY (2).JPG (53091 octets)

Puppy Harley 11 weeks

PUPPY (3).JPG (96500 octets)

Puppy Harley 11 weeks

Barchem Rosaceae pups met papa Bobo jr.jpg (35076 octets)

Rosaceae pups with papa
Bobo jr

harley weigh.jpg (40981 octets)

Puppy Harley 11 weeks

PUPPY (9).JPG (75139 octets)

Puppy Harley 11 weeks

clubmatch 033.JPG (38103 octets)

Roos with Pousset in the
child with dog show on
the club show

bassets16.jpg (89843 octets)

Litter Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen 
Wynne x Ollie 


pouchette2.jpg (97915 octets)

Pouchette and Roos

pouchette1.jpg (112593 octets)

Pouchette 10 1/2 years

isis3maanden.jpg (24723 octets)

Isis 3 months

pouchette+isis3.jpg (33323 octets)

Pouchette + Isis

pouchette+isis2.jpg (30684 octets)

Pouchette + Isis

pouchette+isis.jpg (29130 octets)

Pouchette + Isis

anestfonteijn2.jpg (25703 octets)

Mrs Fonteijn's A-litter

anestfonteijn.jpg (26538 octets)

Mrs. Fonteijn's A-litter

tnest.jpg (23575 octets)

The T-litter, Rosaceae Phacelia x Xscooby

orakel+wynne1.jpg (19011 octets)

Sjo Bjornen's Orakel + Wynne Rosaceae du Greffier du Roi

isis+pups7weken.jpg (26918 octets)

Isis + 7 weeks old pups from Rosaceae Rhodante x Usi Maye Ye Aramis James

isis+pups.jpg (29432 octets)

Isis + pups.

7wekenpupsrhodantexjames.jpg (18936 octets)

7-weeks pups Rosaceae Rhondante x Usi Maya Ye Aramis James

rodanthe+pupsvan7weken.jpg (24125 octets)

Rosaceae Rhondante with 4 7-weeks old pups

jasmin4maanden.jpg (27111 octets)

Sjo Bjornen's Yin-Yasmin Rosaceae 4 months

jasmine.jpg (108874 octets)


pupphacelia+orakel2.jpg (15213 octets)

pup Rosaceae Phacelia x Sjo Bjornen's Orakel

pupphacelia+orakel.jpg (19933 octets)

pup Rosaceae Phacelia x Sjo Bjornen's Orakel

jasmine1.jpg (28320 octets)


orakel5.jpg (27021 octets)


orakel4.jpg (18496 octets)


orakel3jaar.jpg (35881 octets)

Orakel 3 years

salix2jaar.jpg (28497 octets)

Salix 2 years

t-nest1.jpg (37293 octets)

T-litter Rosaceae Phacelia
x  Xscooby

Dsc01376.jpg (39256 octets)

Tessa en Chelsea

Rosaceae Phacelia

Rosaceae Phlox

Rosaceae Phlox and Rosaceae Leonurus

Rosaceae Hippophae

Rosaceae Hippopae + Minke

Rosaceae Lotus as pup


Rosaceae Danallia, Rosaceae Eglanteria, Rosaceae Hippophae en Rosaceae Rhodanthe

1st place  Nachzuchtgruppe Niederzieher 1999  from the bitch Rosaceae Eglanteria:
3 Dutch champions 2 international champions and 1 German champion.

Our first bitch
 Makoum Haroset with her daughters  Rosaceae Aloysia and Rosaceae Eglanteria and Rosaceae Davallia.


The c-litter

Rosaceae Eglanteria

Rosaceae Eranthis and Rosaceae Bunias


The  b-litter on the young dogs day.

Rosaceae Blechnum, 11 years !!