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Today is our
Bubbles (Rosaceae Hymenocallis) Dutch Youth Champion, and Dutch Champion, HD-A, LPN 1 & 2 N / N, LEMP N / N, FSK, exterior ok, eyes test ed…….
matd by
Hjamu (Hjamu löwe vom Silvestersee) HD-A, LPN1 & 2 N / N, LEMP N / N, FSK, exterior ok, eyes tested.
In 4 weeks we will have an ultrasound, his sperm has been tested and that was great, so we are very hopeful for puppies.


already 8 weeks old and grown considerably. Enjoy another week and then they go to the new owners..

another wonderfully warm day, where the puppy visit could sit comfortably in the garden with the puppies, who are already 7 weeks old.

Today puppy visit day and again great sunny weather, actually too hot for the puppies.

Because of the corona virus, the puppies were not chipped at home, but at a canine club in the region.
So we went to kc Nijmegen. The puppies loaded in the car, brought 2 crates, and drive. They were very sweet on the way, arrived puppies unloaded and dogs in a crate, and bitches in a crate, drove in where they were chipped and DNA profile was taken without us. They let everything come over them and calmly.
Already 5 weeks old, and fortunately nice weather so that the puppy visit could sit outside where there is space.

The puppies are already 4 weeks old and are getting wiser,
Now they go "outside" during the day where they can play indoors or go into the big meadow; this is still a bit too far for them.


3 weeks old and getting wiser, can already eat, play and growl!

the puppies from Zinzi x Habit are 2 weeks old and are developing a plan.
Eating a ball of meat for the first time went really well, they were looking forward to it! Not only puppies but also other young life in the yard, the herd of shaping has been extended with lamb "Lenie" and lamb "Thea".

The zinzi x habit pups already oner week old.

The puppies of Zinzi (Rosaceae Kentia) X Habit (Habit rouge du bois de frene) are born.
We have 6 males and 4 females and they are all doing well and are sturdy puppies.
Zinzi is a sweet, calm mother, but we expected that too.
29-02-2020 and 01-03-2020
international dog show in groningen 2nd day show in the north of the country, with judges who are new to us, that makes it fun and exciting.
the first day a Portuguese judge Mrs. Maria amelia Taborda, and the second day an Irish judge John Walsh jr.
A nice weekend with friends and the dogs, especially your young leos did a great job.
Brother (rosaceae oreocereus), sister (rosaceae opuntia) and hugo (rosaceae osmanthus) looked great, and did great in the youth class, their father dante (rosaceae gymnocladus) became best male
On Sunday, Broer won the title DUTCH YOUTH CHAMPION.
See show results.

It is the time that the puppies, now already 9 weeks old, are going to fly out. Again we have seen a lot of families leave with their puppies, always very nice to see and experience.
Had an ultrasound made today and zinzi (rosaceae Kentis) is pregnant!
We are very happy!

16-02-2020 Already 8 weeks old and increasingly naughty and entrepreneurial. One more female is looking for a new owner, the other puppies have been discussed and their new owners cannot wait until their puppy finally comes home (at 9 weeks old).

09-02-2020 dog show Eindhoven in Venray. Despite the strong wind it was good to do on the road.
Brother (rosaceae oreocerus) and sister (rosaceae opuntia) came for the first time to an indoor show, and did fantastic, brother became 2nd in the youth class and sister 1st and also BEST BITCH (12 months old).
see show results.

08-02-2020 another afternoon full of visitors who want to cuddle, delicious!

07-02-2020 February and a very nice sun, just stepping on the meadow 7 weeks old!

01-02-2020 Puppies now 6 weeks old, chipped, DNAprofiled an dvaccinated.
I am sorry that the weather is not always good, because they are not cold, but it is damp.

25-01-2020 Puppy visit with the puppies who are already 5 weeks old, super nice weather so nice to play outside and cuddle.
Not all bitches have been spoken for yet!

24-01-2020 Drive back and forth very quickly (over 1700 km) to France in 33 hours, where Zinzi (rosaceae kentia) was mated by Habit rouge du bois de frene.
A dog of almost 8 years, with still temperament and the nice thing is that if you look back at his lines, 44 years ago, you will meet our first dogs again: Nikito von Chrumelbach, Makoum Haroseth and Rosaceae Amaranthus (from the 1st litter) .
18-01-2020 For the first time during the day outside, getting used to, but with so much attention everything is fun.
A few females are still available.

13-01-2020 The pups of Hope x wopper; already 3 weeks old.
Eating independently and not only sleeping but playing is also taking place


06-01-2020 the puppies of hope x wopper are already 2 weeks old, and in addition to breast milk, they are now eating a ball of ground beef for the first time .... party!


28-12-2019 puppies from Hope X Wopper, already 1 week old, hope is a fantastic mother and the puppies are growing well.

28-12-2019 Alreadyy 8 weeks old, it are real teddybears !

22-12-2019 Puppy visit of the puppies of deville X dante, now 7 weeks old.

21-12-2019 very nicely during the day Hope (Rosaceae Kolkwitzia) gave birth to her puppies quickly.
They are 2 males and 10 females, and everything is doing well,
We hadn't counted on so many bitches, so there are still a few that were not discussed.
Father dog is Wopper (Rosaceae Hieracium)
14-12-2019 already 6 weeks old, and getting more and more fun.
They have been in the car, and have met our sheep. Meanwhile already chipped and vaccinated.

04/08-12-2019 puppies 5 weeks old, luckily we have dry weather in between showers and they can play outside. They also love the visitors, they are tightly cuddled and hugged

24-11-2019 CAC molosser show in Breda. For the first time in a new hall in Breda, unfortunately the floor of the hall was soooo smooth that the dogs could not walk, which of course did not give a nice presentation. Too bad because they can walk very well!

21-11-2019 Deville x Dante now 3 weeks old, start playing

19-11-2019 Today we made an utrasound of Hope. She is pregnant !!!
16-11-2019 the puppies are already 16 days old, and tonight for the first time eaten a small ball of ground beef (out of hand)
That tasted great!

07-11-2019 Q-litter, already 1 week old;
"Relax after drinking on your sister's belly"


two-day Dogshow Bleiswijk in Hazerswoude, where our Zinzi (Rosaceae Kentia) became DUTCH CHAMPION (27 months old). She and Dante (Rosaceae gymnocladus) got best of breed on both days.


vour Fjalar vom Löwengarten has now become 12 years old,
Hip Hip, hooray!

31-10-2019 the puppies of Deville (Rosaceeën grevillea) are born, 2 males and 1 female.
They are large puppies, around 800 grams; we were able to make 3 families happy with a puppy that will come to them in 9 weeks


21-10-2019 Today, HOPE (Rosaceae Kolkwitchia: Rosaceae Durio X Cleo's mambo millie van de Kentering)  has been mated o WOPPER (Rosaceae Hieracium: Knockando's xo imperial lucky X Rosaceae zannichellia).


19-10-2019 the reunion of the O and P litters of 2019,
almost all of them were present, looked good, and had nice characters. Nice dogs to have !!


15-09-2019 German Leonberger Clubshau in Leonberg.
Beautiful weather this weekend, together with friends in Leonberg and 180 registered Leonbergers. Our Zinzi did a great job, very young in the open class and actually a 4th place, Passion got the 1st place in the breeders class, Bodo the 3rd place in open class males and Hummer van annete and marc got the 4th place in the veteran class males,
So a super weekend with very good results
See show results

15-09-2019 French club match in Cluny.
Long weekend in cluny, happy weather great weather and only friends around us, DELICIOUS!
The day started wonderfully sunny, unfortunately the ring of honor fell a bit in the water, but all in all a super day.
The results were also great, rosaceae zelkova (VERDI) became BEST OPPOSITE SEX and rosaceae jacobinia BEST YOUTH FEMALE
Muze became 2nd in the veteran class and Hummer 3rd in the veteran class
See show results


15-09-2019 reunion of the Rosaceae-Litter of Nadje X Delphi, 2 bitches and 2 males present,
There was a lot of playing, so in the evening the owner will have a very quiet dog at their feet!

08-09-2019 already the 39th club match of the Belgian leonberger Club. A weekend camping with friends, with super nice weather!
Was again very pleasant, and achieved very good results.
Not only the puppies did well, our muse was also good, and became best veteran of the day.
See show results.

01-09-2019 september issue “our Dog” article about Whitsun show 2019, text and photo hannie Warendorf.

31-08-2019  Today our Deville (Rosaceae Grevillea) was mated by our Dante (Rosaceae Gymnocladus),
We hope to know in three weeks, after the ultrasound, whether she is pregnant.


31-08-2019 rosaceae oreocereus ( broer 6 mnd ) & zijn nieuwe LEO vriend !

24-08-2019 CAC / CACIB show in Roterdam
Two-day show in the Ahoyhallen, outside 30 degrees, inside it wasn't too bad!
Brother for the first time to a show in a hall, and he liked everything, after a while he was sleeping on his back in the run (3x3 meters); no problems with the crowds around him.
He became best puppy both days,
Dante became BOB both days, and Zinzi became BOS both days.
  On Saturday Dante got third place in the ring of honor of race group 2, that was great!


special show Landesgruppe Nord in Sottrum. Had already driven there on Saturday, a lot of delays and accidents along the way, but arrived healthy in Sottrum. Unfortunately we arrived in the rain, all tents were set up quickly so dogs stayed dry.
A great accommodation for a show, we are looking forward to it.
Sunday became a great day, nice people, good atmosphere and our dogs did great!
Jabby (6 months old) was there for the first time, he enjoyed it and showed his best side,
The other males also did great, we were overjoyed with the results of our dogs.
See show results.



XXIV MONOGRAFICA DEL LEONBERGER the spanish club match in Fuerte de San Marcos, Errenteria
A long and warm ride of 1300 km to Spain, luckily we have a good air conditioner in the car, because otherwise it is much too hot for the dogs.
The whole trip was hot, we arrive at the fortress in Errenteria, you don't believe it…. rain, wind, thunder, and then you have to put up your tents and keep your dogs dry.
We had not counted on this! But dogs are dry in the run and we get soaked in beer after 2 hours.
The day of the show also had rain, but soft showers, so you could do it.
Always a party to be there, a great group of people who organize it and create a very pleasant atmosphere, even though you run through the ring sipping and sliding.
Our dogs have done great, even brother (rosaceae oreocereus) who participated for the first time, behaved like a pro in the ring. Wopper (rosaceae hieracium) became best male / CAC and BOB and our veteran muse (zir ozzy's pretty women von tulips) became best veteran and best female BOS. (see show results)


dhe evening show in Echt, originally created because it can be so hot for the dogs around this time, but not really my thing, to walk around late at night in the dark and come home at 1.30 am



45th Pentecostal show in Venray.
Again out of bed early today and back to a show, this time inside a beautiful, large hall.
What we experienced today we could not have dreamed in advance;
Dante (Gymnocladus rosaceae) became BEST OF BREED in the main ring he won 1st PLACE IN RACE GROUP,
then he again had to go into the main ring against all winners of the 10 different breed groups, here he won the 3rd PLACE BEST IN SHOW.
It was a long day, but never thought of this in advance!
Results see button show results.


21st spezial rassehunde ausstellung der landesgruppe west / Hunxe
Just across the border, so good to do, very nice weather and a great place (manage) to hold a dog show.
Nice to see old friends again, five dogs entered, so it will be a day of running through the ring ..
The results are great 2x 1st place and 2x 2nd place, and the dogs behaved very well, it was a great day.
Seen nice offspring from bid and dante.
Results see button show results



CAC / CACIB show of kynolognclub oss and surroundings, in the brabanthallen in Den Bosch.
Judge Mrs. C. Mulcahy (Ireland).
Too bad about the nice weather, now we are in a hall, but the dogs find it nice and cool, and are looking forward to it.
MINK (ROSACEEEN GLADIOLUS) has not been along for a while, but today he was there again and got the reserve CAC / CACIB behind Dante (rosaceae gymnocladus) he became BOB.
Our Zinzi (rosaceae kentia) became best female, and BOS.
See show results



50th anniversary of the Swiss Leonberger Club, it was quite a few miles to drive, but a well-organized show in a beautiful hall.
6 dogs, and all 6 placed so a great result. On top of that, wim (rosaceae melocactus) owners mieke and bert elshof were placed as the best veteran, so the day can't go wrong!
(see show results.)


20/21-04-2019 2 days show in Goes, a pity with this beautiful weather, but a well organized show, where we had the same ring for 2 consecutive days, so no dragging with stuff from one ring to the other.
I hope this is followed by several shows.
This weekend our Wopper (Rosaceae Hieracium) has become DUTCH CHAMPION. And Dante (Rosaceae Gymnocladus) got the 3rd place in the ring of honor in race group 3.
See show results

07-04-2019 Hanseatic show in Zwolle, we stayed overnight because today is another show,
Now Dexter (Rosaceeën jubata) got the title DUTCH YOUTH CHAMPION, great,
But not only the youth did well, Wim (Rosaceae Melocactus) also became VETERAN CHAMPION today.
See show results


06-04-2019 IJsselshow in Zwolle, today a super day, Emi (Rosaceae Deutzia) became best bitch and she became DUTCH CHAMPION, Bubbels (Rosaceae Hymenocallis) got the reserve CAC, and she is now DUTCH CHAMPION. Dante (Rosaceae Gymnocladus) became best male and Wopper (Rosaceae Hieracium) got the reserve CAC / CACIB. Wim (Rosaceae Melocactus) was placed 3rd in the ring of honor with the veterans, super!
See show results

27-03-2019 vtoday we said goodbye to our old lady, Rosaceae Dielytra - LIEVE.
She was 14 years and 5 months old, until the very last day  in her head.
27-03-2019 our daily walk, but better weather today.

26-03-2019 take a walk on the dike and then inside

24-03-2019 STILL AVAILABLE ; two male puppies of 8 weeks old, one from the combination rosaceae hepatica X rosaceae gymnocladus, and one from rosaceae gazania X jabberwocky spicy honey du temple d 'artemis.

24-03-2019 Today, 4 happy puppies were picked up by their happy owners, and Jenka's puppies were visited again
Great weather to be in the meadow with the puppies
23-03-2019 24th k.v.rijnland in Hazerswoude,
Very nice because our friends from abroad Dick (Canada) and Bram (Verweggistan) are back in the country
Ruby got her 3rd pint for her youth championship,
And Dante became best male and BOB, Wopper became reserve champion.
See show results.



finally the sun is back and it is dry, playing outside in the meadow.

16-03-2019 A lot of visitors but again great fun all that attention and cuddling!

14-03-2019 Always nice to be in the house.


Still two male puppies available.



Again a whole afternoon with visitors


Nicely playing outdoors.


for the first time puppy visit with the pups of Passie and Jenka. 

02-03-2019 Martini dog show in Groningen, and also BENELUX WINNERSHOW
Today Ruby and her brother dexter did it again super, both won the title Benelux jeugdwinner nl 2019,
And dexter became even best youth dog and in the main ring with the youth dogs of all races, he gained the 3rd place, Judge Hildeward Hoenderken. It was a nice day with friends again.

CAC / CACIB show perd of ome loeks' show in Groningen
For the first time, Ruby (Rosaceae Jepsonia) is going to the show and she has done a great job.
Today Delphi (Rosaceae Hippurus) became BEST REU & BOB
and got the last point for the title DUTCH CHAMPION.
Zinzi and Dante did well too. See show results.



the pups of jenka are also ready to start / feast on the ball



now the pups of passion themselves have to eat from the puppy dish, delicious, the whole body is covered


our daily walk from the puppy room to the driveway, to the house



The pups of passion are first given a beef meatball dipped in the replacement breast milk, incredible to see how they react to this, a big party!



The pups from jenka X jabber



foto’s van de pups van Passie  X Dante


The puppies from Nadja are already 7 ½ weeks old, just a little bit longer and they fly out.



Walked comfortably on the driveway, it does not make much impression, even though a tractor is very large driving past.



42nd internat. Dogshow in Eindhoven, where Dante (Rosaceae Gymnocladus) became best male and BEST OF BREED..



Again a lot of visitors for the puppies of Nadja, now already 6 weeks old, getting awake longer and busier, something that is of course great for the visit.


The pups of Jenka (Rosaceae Gazania) X Jabber (Jabberwocky'h spicy honey du temple d'artemis).have been born. There are 7 males and 4 females (between 600 - 700 grams) and they are doing well.
(Rosaceae P-litter 2019)

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