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the German Leonberger Clubmatch 2020,
Fortunately dry weather, no wind and even the occasional sun and WHAT A DAY !!!
5 of our males in first place in their class,
Open class males
1st place Rosaceae Juanulloa, owner. Mark and Annette
Intermediate class males
1st place rosaceae Oreocereus
Breeders class males
1st place Rosaceae Durio
Champion class males
1st place Rosaceae Gymnocladus
Veteran males
1st place Rosaceae Melocactus, owner. bert and mieke
And to top it all off, storm Rosaceae Juanulloa turned BOS again.

eand weekend of 2 shows in Leonberg (Germany), Saturday was cold, rainy and a lot of cold wind, but the atmosphere and conviviality was great! At this show storm (Rosaceae Juanulloa) BOS became best opposite sex, so best male, well done mark and annette

Zie show resultaten.
today puppy visit from the new owners, all out in the room, and the puppies love the grass.

The French club match, beautiful weather, good location, good company, and 5 dogs that were all placed on the podium! A great weekend!

Aready 4 weeks old, for the first time in the outdoor pupuy area.

al weer 4 weken oud en voor het eerst naar de puppy ruimte buiten

al weer 4 weken oud en voor het eerst naar de puppy ruimte buiten

al weer 4 weken oud en voor het eerst naar de puppy ruimte buiten

already 3 weeks old, eating independently, barking, playing, walking, sleeping and defecating that it is a sweet pleasure /
They are already real Leonbergers. Now only learn to eat properly!


oday is ours
Jenka (rosaceae Gazania) HD-A, LPN1 & 2 N / N, LEMP N / N, eye test, character test, conformation inspection,
mated by
Bodo (Rosaceae Durio) HD-A, ED-0, LPN1 & 2 N / N, LEMP N / N, eye test, character test, conformation inspection.

18 day old puppies, who tried to eat independently from the dishes for the first time today.
Mind you, tried, because they make a mess, luckily some meat comes in with replacement breast milk and they can sleep peacefully again. The eyes are open and they are already starting to play and walk with each other. tomorrow the shelf for the whelping box, and then the whole loft to discover. At night I still sleep there because every 2 hours mother gets a different group of bubbles to feed. We will also reduce this this week so that there is rest at night and I sleep in my own bed.

The puppies from Bubbels X Hjamu are already 11 days old and have doubled their birth weight, they are very satisfied because Bubbels has enough milk and is a super mother.

last night the puppies of Bubbels X Hjamu were born,
There are 6 males and 4 females, all very good in weight (500-750 grams).
Mother and puppies are doing well.

Today we had an ultrasound done at Bubbels (Hymenocallis rosaceae) and she is very pregnant. The father of this litter is Hjamu lwe von silvestersee.
This will be their first litter for both.

Today is our
Bubbles (Rosaceae Hymenocallis) Dutch Youth Champion, and Dutch Champion, HD-A, LPN 1 & 2 N / N, LEMP N / N, FSK, exterior ok, eyes test ed.
mated by
Hjamu (Hjamu lwe vom Silvestersee) HD-A, LPN1 & 2 N / N, LEMP N / N, FSK, exterior ok, eyes tested.
In 4 weeks we will have an ultrasound, his sperm has been tested and that was great, so we are very hopeful for puppies.


already 8 weeks old and grown considerably. Enjoy another week and then they go to the new owners..

another wonderfully warm day, where the puppy visit could sit comfortably in the garden with the puppies, who are already 7 weeks old.

Today puppy visit day and again great sunny weather, actually too hot for the puppies.

Because of the corona virus, the puppies were not chipped at home, but at a canine club in the region.
So we went to kc Nijmegen. The puppies loaded in the car, brought 2 crates, and drive. They were very sweet on the way, arrived puppies unloaded and dogs in a crate, and bitches in a crate, drove in where they were chipped and DNA profile was taken without us. They let everything come over them and calmly.
Already 5 weeks old, and fortunately nice weather so that the puppy visit could sit outside where there is space.

The puppies are already 4 weeks old and are getting wiser,
Now they go "outside" during the day where they can play indoors or go into the big meadow; this is still a bit too far for them.


3 weeks old and getting wiser, can already eat, play and growl!

the puppies from Zinzi x Habit are 2 weeks old and are developing a plan.
Eating a ball of meat for the first time went really well, they were looking forward to it! Not only puppies but also other young life in the yard, the herd of shaping has been extended with lamb "Lenie" and lamb "Thea".

The zinzi x habit pups already oner week old.

The puppies of Zinzi (Rosaceae Kentia) X Habit (Habit rouge du bois de frene) are born.
We have 6 males and 4 females and they are all doing well and are sturdy puppies.
Zinzi is a sweet, calm mother, but we expected that too.
29-02-2020 and 01-03-2020
international dog show in groningen 2nd day show in the north of the country, with judges who are new to us, that makes it fun and exciting.
the first day a Portuguese judge Mrs. Maria amelia Taborda, and the second day an Irish judge John Walsh jr.
A nice weekend with friends and the dogs, especially your young leos did a great job.
Brother (rosaceae oreocereus), sister (rosaceae opuntia) and hugo (rosaceae osmanthus) looked great, and did great in the youth class, their father dante (rosaceae gymnocladus) became best male
On Sunday, Broer won the title DUTCH YOUTH CHAMPION.
See show results.

It is the time that the puppies, now already 9 weeks old, are going to fly out. Again we have seen a lot of families leave with their puppies, always very nice to see and experience.
Had an ultrasound made today and zinzi (rosaceae Kentis) is pregnant!
We are very happy!

16-02-2020 Already 8 weeks old and increasingly naughty and entrepreneurial. One more female is looking for a new owner, the other puppies have been discussed and their new owners cannot wait until their puppy finally comes home (at 9 weeks old).

09-02-2020 dog show Eindhoven in Venray. Despite the strong wind it was good to do on the road.
Brother (rosaceae oreocerus) and sister (rosaceae opuntia) came for the first time to an indoor show, and did fantastic, brother became 2nd in the youth class and sister 1st and also BEST BITCH (12 months old).
see show results.

08-02-2020 another afternoon full of visitors who want to cuddle, delicious!

07-02-2020 February and a very nice sun, just stepping on the meadow 7 weeks old!

01-02-2020 Puppies now 6 weeks old, chipped, DNAprofiled an dvaccinated.
I am sorry that the weather is not always good, because they are not cold, but it is damp.

25-01-2020 Puppy visit with the puppies who are already 5 weeks old, super nice weather so nice to play outside and cuddle.
Not all bitches have been spoken for yet!

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